Allerguard anti-dust-mite covers protects the family against mite allergens

House Dust Mites

House Dust Mites are a common cause of allergic asthma, rhinitis and eczema.

They are mostly invisible to the naked eye and can be found in beds, soft toys, carpets and even clothing – anywhere we shed dead skin cells, which they feed on.

They love humidity, which is why they thrive in tropical climates like Singapore.

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Allerguard stops Dust Mites

Since Dust Mite populations are mostly found in mattresses, pillows, and bolsters, encasing them with Allerguard immediately shields your family from the allergens.

The allergen that causes problems is not actually the Dust Mite themselves, but the protein enzymes found in their droppings and deposited on other smaller particles.

After 1st

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After 50 Washes

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ALLERGUARD is so tightly woven it is a virtually inpenetrable shield.
The House Dust Mite and its faeces on ALLERGUARD barrier.
ALLERGUARD tight-weaving adds layers of depth-protection.

Medical credentials

Allerguard was developed  in cooperation with Asthma Allergy Denmark. 

It is a registered Medical Device with the Danish Medicine agency, and is a US Class I Medical Device.

Backed by Medical studies

Allerguard has been found to be highly effective in reducing dust mite allergen from mattresses by independent  medical studies.  

Light and Smooth

Allerguard micro-fibre is light and smooth to the touch.

You’ll feel the difference compared to regular cotton or polyester sheets. 



Good breathability

Allerguard allows air and moisture to pass through, so that you can sleep comfortably while it’s protecting your family.

Easy Care

Allerguard can be machine-washed at 60°C to kill Dust Mites, and can be tumble-dried.  Do not iron.

Washing your Allerguard will remove any remnant Dust Mite allergens that might have been introduced from clothing, bedsheets, or blankets.

10-year Warranty

Allerguard is made in Denmark, using proprietary micro-fibre.

All Allerguard encasings come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty*.

* manufacturer’s warranty against defects, and specifically, that the allergen-proof effectiveness of the material (i.e., the tightness of the weave) would not change substantially under normal use nor with normal washing.

Protect your family with Allerguard

With Allerguard anti-dust-mite encasings for the matress, pillows, bolsters and quilt cover, the entire family can sleep well for the night.