BRITA Filters

BRITA Water Filters

Reduces chlorine and limescale

Absorbs metals like lead and copper. Leaves essential fluoride in.

Removes other substances that impair odour and taste.

The BRITA MAXTRA filter cartridge gives your family cleaner, clearer, and great tasting water, straight from your tap.

MAXTRA Technology reduces chlorine and  limescale and uses ion exchange to absorb metals such as lead and copper. Yet it leaves in fluoride for teeth protection.

It also removes various substances that impair odour and taste.

MAXTRA FlowControl ensures your water flows at the correct speeds to achieve the best filtration results.

The result? Great natural taste, every time.

Is Your BRITA Genuine?

For your protection, insist on genuine BRITA products from authorised retailers.

Does your BRITA have this label?
1 BRITA filters sold elsewhere may not be genuine or are made in china.
2 Filter packs are usually Made in Germany but may be made in other parts of Europe like UK and Switzerland. The 1 included filter that comes with all genuine BRITA jugs sold in Asia are Made In China.
3 Authorised retailers only sell genuine, safe BRITA.

Always buy BRITA from authorised sources to ensure that your BRITA filters are not only genuine, but are Made in Germany. Authorised retailers will never sell fake or counterfeit BRITA products.