10 million people

around the world trust BRITA with their water

Tasty Dishes

BRITA-filtered water brings out the natural aroma and flavour of your cooking. Ideal for healthy food.

Taste the Difference

BRITA-filtered water: a difference you can see, smell and taste. Releases the full flavour of your coffee or tea.

Stay hydrated

BRITA helps your family enjoy water, so that everyone can stay well-hydrated.

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Appliances last longer

Less limescale means longer lifespan for your household appliances

100L of BRITA water

One MAXTRA+ Filter cartridge produces 100L of great-tasting BRITA water.

Few cents per litre

That's great tasting water for the family, for a few cents a litre.

Reduce plastic waste

Filtering your water is the easiest way to reduce plastic bottle waste

MAXTRA+ Technology

Reduces chlorine and limescale

Absorbs metals like lead and copper. Leaves essential fluoride in.

Removes other substances that impair odour and taste.

The BRITA MAXTRA+ filter cartridge gives your family cleaner, clearer, and great tasting water, straight from your tap. MAXTRA+ Technology reduces chlorine and  limescale and uses ion exchange to absorb metals such as lead and copper. Yet it leaves in fluoride for teeth protection.
It also removes various substances that impair odour and taste. MAXTRA+ FlowControl ensures your water flows at the correct speeds to achieve the best filtration results. The result? Great natural taste, every time.

So Easy to Use

Pop the MAXTRA+ filter into the jug

Fill the jug with tap water

Pour out your BRITA water


The BRITA Memo electronic indicator reminds you to replace your filter after one month. (See Is Your BRITA Genuine below.)

Trusted Since 1966

BRITA invented the home water filter in 1966, and has continuously innovated since then.

German Quality & Design

BRITA is backed by German Quality and Design you can trust.

Certified Quality

Certified food-grade quality by the world-renowned TÜV SÜD Institute.

Safety FAQ

How does BRITA prevent bacteria build-up?

The premium activated carbon in the MAXTRA+ filter cartridge is specially treated to kill bacteria. This actively inhibits bacteria growth during use.

Is BRITA free from BPA and other harmful chemicals?

BRITA parts in contact with water do not contain BPA (Bisphenol-A). They are also certified not to leach chemicals during use.

Is Your BRITA Genuine?

For your protection, insist on genuine BRITA products from authorised retailers.

Does your BRITA have this label?
1 BRITA filters sold elsewhere may not be genuine or are made in china.
2 Filter packs are usually Made in Germany but may be made in other parts of Europe like UK and Switzerland. The 1 included filter that comes with all genuine BRITA jugs sold in Asia are Made In China.
3 Authorised retailers only sell genuine, safe BRITA.

Always buy BRITA from authorised sources to ensure that your BRITA filters are not only genuine, but are Made in Germany. Authorised retailers will never sell fake or counterfeit BRITA products.