GREER Skin Prick Test

The Skin Prick Test is a common method of finding out whether a person is allergic to various allergens. It is economical and results are immediate.

The idea is to introduce small standardised quantities of different known allergens to the patient’s skin (usually arm or back). Any swelling indicates an allergy to the substance – the bigger the swell, the more allergic the person is to the substance.

Many allergens can be tested at the same time, with each test area being 3cm to 5cm apart to avoid interference. Each test area on the skin may be marked with ink to identify the allergen.

Usually, both food and environmental allergens will be tested. The doctor might ask the patient to keep a food diary for two weeks to determine the most common foods eaten so that these might be tested.

Positive and negative controls (glycerinated histamine and placebo respectively) will also be administered. This removes false-negatives (no reaction to allergens due to the presence of anti-histamines) and false-positives (reacting to allergens but no allergy condition).

Results will be evident in 15 to 20 minutes when the doctor or nurse will record the wheal (swelling and edema) and erythema (flame / redness). The results will determine the patient’s degree of allergy to each substance.

Once the patient knows exactly what he is allergic to, he can take steps to avoid contact with those substances.

Ask your doctor whether his clinic conducts the Skin Prick Test, or whether he can refer you to one which does.

Allergen Extracts by GREER Labs

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These are intended for use only by physicians with experience in the administration of allergenic extracts, as any exposure to allergens may cause severe life-threatening anaphylaxis.

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