Allerguard Duvet Encasing


ALLERGUARD encasings protect the family against House Dust Mite allergen, as well as cat or dog allergen that might find their way in the mattress, pillow, bolster, or duvet.

Simply encase the mattress, pillow, bolster or duvet in ALLERGUARD, and then use the regular bedsheets, pillowcases, bolster cases or duvet covers over them.

Why protect with ALLERGUARD?

  • ALLERGUARD is an effective barrier against allergen found on flakes and particles below 2 microns, with a 99.7% barrier at 0.5 micron. In contrast, cotton and polyester micro-weave fabrics have pore sizes above 2 microns.
  • soft and smooth to the touch.
  • ultra-breathable for a comfortable night’s sleep
  • remains strong and durable after repeated washing.
  • developed in co-operation with the Danish Asthma and Allergy Association.
  • certified by the Danish Medicines Agency.
  • backed by several independent medical studies.

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Single – 140 x 210 cm, Queen – 210 x 210 cm, King – 244 x 210 cm

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